Our Happy Patients

Its was a very wonderful and comfortable experience not only for my family members but for me as well. She is not only one of the best doctors in her field, but the way she deals with her patients its like talking to a family member. Even after several complications, she made sure I had a normal delivery.

Monaly Sinha

Dr. Pratibha singhal is one of the best and most experience doctor in her field. Who is always there to support her patients when ever they need her. With her great experience one need not to worry during their pregnancy journey.

Nishant Sharma

She handled my case very well. I was in labour for 30 hours through out she kept monitoring. She said mother and baby are fine why go for C section. Normal delivery possible. I had normal delivery.

Rama Rohini Sarvepalli

Without any doubt our throughout experience with Dr. Pratibha Singhal was good. In our case fr the start she advice us to go for Normal Delivery and succeeded with her confidence and experience. We are thankful for lifetime.

Ambika Gupta

Dr. Pratibha Singhal is not only proficient in her field, she is also a very professional lady and good human. With her treatment and guidance the pregnancy period went well and my wife with normal delivery delivered a cute and healthy baby. Thank you Mam for being their.

Himanshu Rai

I went to Dr. Pratibha Singhal for PCOD problem. She is a patient listener. With her treatment i am feeling much better. I belive she is one of the best doctor I have meet. I would recommend her to all unmarried girls. She is really good.

Bhavika Soni